Warranty conditions

Guarantee conditions:

  1. The service is provided only by presenting the original warranty card for repair and replacement of parts and does not include the replacement of the device.
    The cost of sending parts to authorized repair centers is borne by the customer.
    Replaced (used) parts belong to the service center and will not be returned.
    The wages and prices of the replaced parts will not be received during the warranty period, and after the warranty period ends, the customer will be charged for the service according to the tariff.
    Due to import restrictions and other unpredictable conditions, the repair time of the devices may be long.
    The cost of installing the device is borne by the customer.

Important note: Most of the company’s devices are designed for home use only, in case of commercial use, they can be recognized by the company’s experts and the device will be excluded from the warranty.

Warranty cancellation conditions:

  1. The end of warranty and after-sales service is 18 months after the date entered in the warranty card by the store.
    If the product name and serial number in the warranty card do not match with the information on the device and their change or distortion, the device will be excluded from the warranty.
    Damage to the body of the device, including scratches, dents, and breaks, as well as missing accessories, will not be included in the service, so be careful when delivering the product.
    Scratching and tampering with the warranty card and changing the contents of the card or not completing it by the seller (not having the seal or signature of the seller) will invalidate the warranty card.
    Any damage caused by natural accidents, negligence and unprincipled use of the device due to failure to follow the instructions in the manual and improper transportation, breakage of the device or parts, fall and impact, electrical disturbances, tampering, commercial use of the device, installation and repair by People other than Bismark service authorized repairmen are excluded from the service.

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