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Ide Novin Saman Qeshm Company, with the brand name “Bismark”, has a diverse group of products with various uses, which are widely used in the administrative and commercial sectors such as hotels, in addition to domestic use and meeting the essential needs of the family, and a special share of It has taken over the business market.

Bismark, with the aim of convenience, speed and hygiene and improving the quality level in the lives of customers, has started to supply and operate in the home appliance market.

Bismark products are designed and manufactured according to the use of advanced technology and the latest technological achievements in the world. The very favorable quality and efficiency of its products and the creation of a wide network of after-sales services and warranty services throughout the country in order to comply with the principle of customer orientation, have been able to find a suitable position among consumers.

Bismark with a wide range of products such as: toaster oven, tea maker, coffee maker, sandwich maker, rice cooker, fryer, meat grinder, food maker, vacuum cleaner, electric kettle, car wash, all kinds of irons, etc. It has been placed in the category of well-known brands with wide
distribution and sales.

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