Toaster BM4461

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خرید محصول Toaster BM4461

قیمت: تومان 3,900,000

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1700 WATT

4 slices for toasting

Electronic timer

led Display

4 openings for toasting of toast

Suitable for making both thick and thin toasts

Electronic timer 6 toasting intensity levels

Automatic centring function for even toasting of both thick and thin toasts

High Lift function for easy removal of smaller

bread pieces

Easy to clean (slide out crumb tray)

Heat insulated outer case (cool to touch when running).

Anti-slip feet

Power cord storage space

Toaster BM4461 Bismark is one of the best toasters both in terms of design and capabilities. This toaster has four bread ports, both of which operate independently of each other, so you can use it for toast only two breads, or when using four bread ports, if desired, half of them as Prepare the golden half and the other half more toasted.

This device has a very beautiful design and with its steel body, it not only attracts the attention of any taste, but can also give a beautiful look to any kitchen. In order to increase the safety of using the device, an automatic shut-off system has been installed for this model.

The defrosting capability of this model also allows the user to defrost the bread stored in the freezer in this way and always enjoy the taste of fresh and tasty toast. The gates of this medal allow you to toast any type of bread with different thickness or width inside the machine.

For easy cleaning, both slots or ports have separate bread collectors. Multi-mode temperature setting, as well as the ability to stop operations, allows users to enjoy themselves as much as they like. It should be noted that the LED display of this product has completed its attractive appearance.

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تومان 3,900,000