Meat grinder BM3346

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خرید محصول Meat grinder BM3346

قیمت: تومان 9,300,000

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motor   protection  system  built-in


gear  box  motor

stainless steel warpped design

on/of/reverse switch

led lamp switch

motor protection system built-in

3 Different Grinding Plates

  • Seasoning Meat Sauce
  • Pizza or Spaghetti Sauce
  • Hamburger Steak

Durable & Powerful Motor, Fast & Efficient

Designed with powerful 3000 Watt Max durable and noise-reduction all-cooper engine, this cheffano ALTRA electric meat grinder for home use grinds meat fast and efficientl y Voltage:120V/60Hz. 3 pounds of meat can be minced per minute.

3-IN-1 Multi-Use Food Grinder

  1. 3 Size stainless steel grinding plates (Diameter of the apertures: 2mm, 5mm, 7mm) for a variety of Fine, Medium, and Coarse cuts.

2.Kubbe attachment for you to make all kinds of tasty yummy kubbeh.

3.With this electric meat grinder for home use, you can not only taste the mouth-watering burgers, meatballs, meatloaf, sausages at ease but also can grind garlic, chili, ginger, etc which is your ideal electric meat grinder for home use

Safe Designed Electric Meat Grinder

This electric meat grinder for home use is outstanding, stylish, and upscale, made of  food-grade reinforcement stainless steel, thicken aluminum alloy and high-end ABS, owns strongly

anti-corrosion, a safe and durable

quality .

Notice: Animal bones, nuts, or any other hard objects are not recommended to the electric meat grinder for home use.

Simple To Use & Clean

1.Simple to operate with 3 buttons (On/Off/Reverse). REV function: The reverse button is for rotating our electric grinder meat in the opposite direction when getting jamming to prevent the motor burnout in case.

  1. All parts of the main body can be disassembled, combine that is very convenient and handy to clean.

Notice: Hand washes only, please apply warm soapy water to wash.

BISMARK’s Magic To Get Handmade Meat

The working principle of this electric meat grinder for home use is the same as handmade chewy meat. With this grinder meat, DIY your family food and control the meat fat ratio. The auger slowly grinds the meat in 3 steps spiral extrusion without destroying the meat fiber, which keeps the meat cool and locks in the texture and flavor of the meat.

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تومان 9,300,000